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Early investors. Empowering partners.

At Oraseya Capital, the venture capital fund of DIEZ, we are committed to fostering innovation and driving the growth of early stage startups in the UAE and beyond.

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Who We Are

Based in the vibrant and forward-thinking city of Dubai, our venture capital fund is dedicated to identifying and investing in promising startups at various stages of their journey, from pre-Seed to Series B.

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Our Investment Approach
  • We invest across sectors and stages, from pre-Seed/Seed to Series-A & Series-B
  • UAE-centric: we support startups with an existing tie to Dubai and the UAE
  • We back exceptional founders and inspiring teams with excellent execution and decisiveness
  • We emphasize on customer validation: we believe great companies are built around their customer’s needs
  • Founder-centric Ethos: we understand the founder's journey; their vision drives us
  • Active engagement: We actively engage through regular check-ins, strategy sessions, and introductions
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Putting People First
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SANDBOX is the landmark startup accelerator program from Oraseya Capital. Designed for ambitious pre-Seed to Seed stage technology entrepreneurs, SANDBOX lays emphasis on investor-readiness, commercial exposure, and growth.

Spanning 5 intense months, founders can expect unparalleled access to VCs, guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs, and hundreds of hours of hands-on support from some of the region’s best mentors.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Find out more and apply today.

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